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Advancing Processors with Photonics Integrated Circuits: A Pathway to High-Speed and Low-Power Computing Using VCSEL Technology


what are we doing ?

“Our research has a practical application that can be implemented in the real world, resulting in a highly competitive and innovative technology. Our goal is to not only invent, but to continuously improve and enhance existing solutions“


  • July News : First Author Paper by Jiachi Ye: Jiachi Ye, a first-year PhD student at CHIP Lab, achieved a significant milestone by publishing his first paper as the lead author in the renowned journal Nanomaterials. This achievement marks a promising start to his research career in photonics and nanomaterials.

  • August News : Dr. Dalir's Distinguished Honor: Dr. Dalir was recognized for his outstanding PIC contributions. He has been bestowed with the prestigious title of Senior Member in the SPIE Class of 2023, highlighting his influential work in photonics research.

  • September News : Our recent publication in Light: Science & Applications, Nature was selected for the cover, highlighting its academic and research significance.

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